My first Z was the 1970 240z. My stepfather saw it parked in town, wrote a note and put it on the windshield. Being 1970 he was not sure what this car was but, thought I might like it. Hell yea… I liked it! The man came out and we bought it on the spot for $3500. I put the biggest tires and rims I could get on, added a box with a few 6” x 9” speakers and I was good to go for a few years. Later I went to .40 over pistons, a custom-cam someone made for me in Dallas, headers and six Webber carbs. I really screwed-up by putting a five-speed from a Datsun 2000. The ratios weren’t so good but, was a blast. The car started orange but, when I saw the first light-blue metal-flake VW I knew that was for me. This vintage-rocket was flipped by my roommate about two weeks after completing the car. Boo.





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