GaugeCraft is a car interior gauge customizing service for the Nissan 350z located in DFW. I work with only the best Custom Black Cat gauge faces, optional custom clear needle pointers and the brightest PLCC LED's available on the market today. GaugeCraft is the only 350z custom gauge service offering pre-made gauge cluster sets that match the actual mileage on your car. That's right… I re-write the mileage to the main Nissan 350z gauge cluster. It took me a long time to first, find out where the mileage was stored, and then learn how to change the mileage. This means there is no down-time sending your gauges off somewhere to be modified and then wait for them to be shipped back. You keep driving while we ship your custom gauges to you. When you are ready to plug-in your new gauges there are instructions on this site. I will also offer to buy your old stock gauges after your upgrade.

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If the gauge you want is sold out, please email me and I will make one for you.

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Gauge modification makes a tremendous change in the way your 350z looks and the way you will look at your z-car in the future. Gauge mods offer more impact for the buck than many other upgrades. Plus custom gauges give you the coolest ride around!

Transforming the interior gauges requires a few items. You will need new gauge faces and you will need new LED lights installed.

Custom Black Cat gauge faces can be ordered directly from Black Cat or we can get them for you. Black Cat is a great company that does outstanding work!

We offer the brightest PLCC LED's available on the market today directly from Oznium.
Shown below are five Oznium Surface Mount PLCC-2 SMT LEDs.

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There is also an option for having us install clear needle pointers in your 350z. These clear needle-pointers come from cars other than the 350z therefore the cost is more than stock red needles. The advantage of using clear needle-pointers is they can be any of these colors: Blue, Red, Green, White, Orange, Yellow, Pink or UV.

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If you do not see what you are looking for PLEASE ASK.
Credit card billing will be from the parent company Mr. Patchbay. Mr. Patchbay.

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To buy pre-made gauge clusters or to convert your gauges use the shopping cart below the item you want. Please call anytime. Our no-text land-line is 817-926-9535 or email me.
All pre-made gauge clusters are matched to the mileage on your car. Buyers of pre-made gauge clusters must sign the provided odometer statement.

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