Remember you can always take you car to your local Car Toys or any other good car stereo shop and have them remove your gauge clusters for you.

How to Remove your 350z Gauge Clusters

Acknowledgements: Some of the information and pictures in this procedure were posted on the MY350Z.COM forum by other members. The diagrams for the shift knob removal and the surface mount LED picture were found elsewhere on the Internet. This procedure is not intended for sale and is intended to be freely distributed to anyone with an interest.
Thanks to the members on the MY350Z.COM forum who researched, experimented and shared their knowledge and the moderators at MY350Z.COM for their honest feedback and support.
While the pictures in this document are in color, printing with a black and white laser printer will still produce useable images.


Pull down on the right side front and rear edges of the driver’s side lower dash panel, then on the left . Pull down enough to access under the steering wheel. No need to remove or disconnect cables, just let it hang.

Use a flat blade screw driver to pry out the ignition trim ring (arrow below)

Remove the four screws in the lower steering wheel cover. One is in the release lever channel so put the release lever down first. Pull the cover off.

Remove the four 10mm bolts from the mounting bracket. You may have to thread the extension behind a wire bundle on the left side.

– It is normal for the upper steering wheel cover to come out with the gauge cluster

Gently lift the gauge cluster up, tilt it back and disconnect the wiring connector. Note – you may have to unsnap the upper steering wheel cover from the top of the steering wheel for it to come loose.

That's it! All done here. Set the cluster face down on a soft towel while you remove the center gauge cluster.

Removing the Center Console Gauge Cluster

Remove lower finisher by gripping underside of trim ring and pull back

Removing the shift knob

NOTE: You can try to remove the AC Controls without removing the shift knob by turning the lower finisher enough to access the clips in the back that hold the AC Controls enclosure in. If you cannot get to the clips, use the procedure below to remove the shift knob.

NOTE: The instructions below are for removing the shift knob properly to avoid damaging the shifting mechanism. If you have removed your shift knob in the past, skip past the diagrams and pick up at the next picture.

If you have never removed your shift knob, continue through the steps in this section.

Raise the boot so you can see the base of the shift lever

Cut a piece of radiator hose and place it around the base of the shift lever or wind several layers of electrical tape around the base of the shift lever to protect it as you do the following steps.

Clamp a wrench around the protected base of the shift lever

Place a 2nd cut piece of radiator hose or several layers of electrical tape around the base of the shift knob to protect it as you do the following steps.

Hold the shift lever still with the 1st wrench at the base of the shift lever to keep it from moving

With the shift lever firmly held in place, remove the shift knob by turning it counter-clockwise with the 2nd wrench.

CAUTION: The transmission will be damaged internally if you do this step wrong. DO NOT remove the shift knob without holding the shift lever still with a wrench. The shift lever must not be allowed to rotate.

See illustrations below for correct vs incorrect methods.

Once the shift knob is loose enough so that it turns without putting torque on the shift lever, unscrew the shift knob by hand the rest of the way and set it aside.

Be careful when moving the lower finisher so you don’t scratch your upper console or the lower finisher.

Raise the lower finisher and turn it so you can access the white ribbon cable that plugs into the back of the A/C Control Box.

Press the release tab to remove connector. Pull only on the connector not on the ribbon.

Remove the lower finisher

Remove single screw on the back of the AC control box

Now you can move the AC control box out of your way.

Open the center storage cubby. Remove the rubber mat from the cubby, remove the two screws and remove the trim plate

Remove all the screws for the center console – see pictures below.

Remove the screws for the white AC control box to the bracket. The AC Control Box will NOT be coming out, this just makes the process easier.

Cover up the shift lever with a couple old socks.

Gently pull up & straight back from the top edge of the upper console to dislodge it from the dash.

Pull out one corner enough to reach back and disconnect the wiring connector. The release tab is facing the windshield.

Pull it out far enough to remove the two screws and remove the cluster. Do not remove the six smaller screws.

Do NOT Remove the screws from the front clear cover. Leave the cover in place. Set the cluster aside.

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